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We offer German and English speaking service in many areas. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have more detailed questions - we promise to get back to you as soon as possible to give you the information you need. The following services correspond to our work:

You need a (new) website? From planning to realization to support, we offer everything from one source. For this we either create the necessary photos with our semi-professional equipment and several years of experience in the field of digital photography itself, or we digitize your photos and prepare them for the provision on the Internet.

With more than 20 years of experience in the creation of both private and business websites in varying degrees of complexity, we have already achieved a great deal - from simple static pages without style sheets and Javascript to dynamic pages with Javascript and DHTML to server-side pages Basis of PHP, possibly also with connection of databases and user administration. We also create your website according to your wishes.

You have or plan to buy a virtual or root server to the full power of a web server to use and still be able to keep full control over this, but do not want to deal with setting up or updating the server and the permanent import of updates? No problem. We do it for you.
You want to free yourself from the dependence on the big corporations and therefore looking for a chat system that does not transmit data to this, you are not spied and yet still easy to use? With a dedicated chat server on a root server or a single-board computer can be realized. For the XMPP protocol there is prosody and for the matrix protocol the reference implementation Synapse. Both can be hosted well on their own servers. We are happy to help you with the setup and maintenance of the server. If your own server is oversized for you, we can also set up a corresponding access on our server. No matter how you decide - we have a lot of experience and we will help you.
Computer security
You are looking for an operating system for your computer that you are not spying on? You want to switch to Linux, but are not sure if there are all the programs you need for your everyday life? No problem. We've already done that and are happy to help you set up and find alternative programs that meet your needs.
You would like your credentials not or not to be stolen and exploited by hackers again? We help you to prevent that. But safety and comfort are mutually exclusive. Everyone has to find the appropriate compromise between safety and comfort. We support you.
You love to refrain from the new blackmail Trojans and would like to prevent a possible infestation with a data backup? Very well. We plan for you and gladly help you with the selection, procurement and installation of hardware and software. Data backup is only as good as its planning - the more time and effort involved in preparing and checking a data backup, the less frequently it is done. Only fuses that are at least semi-automatic are performed regularly. We realize a partially or fully automatic backup of all important data for you.