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Beate Groß

I was born in 1975 in Thuringia and always grown up with the job of a nurse. Thus, this was also my dream job. Over time, the profession changed and the computer is now indispensable. I enjoy technology and I'm curious ...
After completing secondary school in 1991, I began my three-year training as a registered nurse. With the exam in hand, I moved away from home for 10 years to gain experience. I collected these at the University Clinic in Freiburg / Breisgau.
In 2004 I came back to Thuringia and looked for a new challenge here. I found it 2006 in a dialysis practice, where I do my job since then. This is followed by various further education courses, including a two-year qualification for specialist nephrology nurse and one for leadership. Since 2013 I'm in the management level.
My areas of responsibility included and include: geriatric care, oncological care, chemotherapy, gynecology and obstetrics, artificial insemination, mentoring, drug ordering and management (including controlled substances), dialysis (HD, HFD, APD, CAPD, IPD), lipidapheresis, and leadership. In addition, I have been a training nurse for home dialysis for several years.
My husband aroused my curiosity about computer work. From him I learned the first basics over the years. Later there are courses on openHPI, like "Linux for all", "Web technologies" and "How to design my own homepage" etc. and a course at the local community college about photography. Thus, we complement each other very well when creating websites. My focus is on design, photography and critical testing.