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Thomas Groß

My name is Thomas Groß and I come from a small town in Thuringia, where I was born in early 1969. After coming into contact with computers for the first time in my last two years at school, I knew that this became my hobby, which I also wanted to do as a profession.
After my graduation exams, I had to take a break before I started my studies - the field of Electrical Engineering / Automation, which I had prioritized, was already fully booked for the 1987 vintage. So I first qualified to electrician with completion and switch permission up to 1kV. In September 1988 I moved to the TU Ilmenau, which was still a TH. After a year, I switched from the specialization "Circuit Design" to "Computer Engineering". After several interruptions to earn money, I received in 1996 my diploma as a "Gratuated engineer for Electrical Engineering and automation technology, Specialization for Computer Engineering => design of operating systems.".
In addition to the typical study training in Pascal and Assembler, I also worked a lot with machine code, after studying with PHP, Javascript, C ++ and Java. This was followed by several years of freelance work or permanent employment. Since 2006, I am employed in the public sector and work freelance only on smaller jobs.
After a long time of work and develop under DOS I came with a new bought computer to Win95. Also there, I continued to develop my tools and programs, but changed for reasons of stability soon to Win2000.
With the upcoming XP and the required registration I turned away from this system - in this time I re-installed the whole system every 3-4 weeks for fun and learning. With this registration procedure it was no fun. So i made a break and switched to Linux. After some tests and trials I came to Ubuntu and later to Debian where I stayed. So I learned new languages: shell (bash), perl, awk.
After the decision of Debian to switch to the new systemd and the first problems with this init system, I decided to switch the operating system for my desktop computer again. For servers I stayed on Debian - the SysV-Init is there still provided, but for the desktop I found very quickly the new distribution Devuan.
During my freelance phases, I have worked extensively with HTML, CSS and PHP and realized a number of websites. I left out HTML 4, because it did not seem elaborate for me. So I switched from HTML3 to HTML5.
In the field of electrical engineering, I have dealt a lot with photovoltaics (both the technical background of solar cells, as well as calculation and dimensioning of systems) and already built several smaller facilities - the education to become an electrician was, of course, very good for me.
In my spare time I try to learn, because I want to stay at the cutting edge of technology. So, some time ago I started to attend courses on openHPI and Udemy. Since I only take the courses for myself, I always content myself with the confirmation of participation and do without the (mostly) fee-based certificates and exams. Among other things, I have completed the following courses:
Assessing myself is difficult for me. I know my weaknesses and communication is clearly one of them. Occasionally I have the pleasure of doing a personality test on several pages on the Internet based on a few questions. Many tests seem to be based on Myers-Briggs studies. Here some of the results:
SCPR - The FireFighter
  • Simple : This means you prefer simple, straight-forward solutions
  • Concrete : This means you care about the very details of your software
  • Pragmatic : This means you like getting things done fast
  • Robust : This means you strive for stable and robust software
yes, that's all true....
"Architekt" / INTJ-A
  • The right attitude for meeting goals
  • Standing on logic and principles
  • Traveling alone accomplishing much
here I can agree only partly