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About us

Ipiresia - that are Beate & Thomas Groß - two people standing with both legs in life, who nevertheless are "different" and have received a little bit of madness. This makes the two a little more difficult to deal with, but also allows them to leave the usual, well-trodden paths and to find unconventional, pragmatic approaches.....

Beate Groß
Beate is the creative, sometimes dreamy, the photographer and designer of the team. She has often brilliant ideas, an eye for symmetry, tension and design. She keeps an overview of the whole and creates the framework in which Thomas can then romp around technically. more
Thomas Groß
Thomas is a practitioner, realist, sober software developer and team technician. He implements the ideas and builds the necessary tools or develops a whole software system around the problem - not because he has to, but "because he can" and enjoys it .... more