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We offer you a range of services related to the Internet, server and security. We would be happy to introduce you to some typical projects here.

Root and web server
You have a virtual or root server or are planning to acquire one in order to be able to use the full performance of a web server and still retain full control over it, but do not want to deal with setting up or updating the server and the permanent installation of updates? No problem. We do it for you.
Chat server
Would you like to free yourself from your dependency on large corporations and you are therefore looking for a chat system that does not transmit any data to them, does not spy on you, is not critical within the framework of the GDPR and is still easy to use? This can be achieved with your own chat server on a root server or a single-board computer. There is Prosody for the XMPP protocol and the reference implementation Synapse for the Matrix protocol. Both can be hosted well on your own server. We are happy to help you set up and maintain the server. If an own server is oversized for you, we can also set up a corresponding access to our server for you. No matter how you decide - we have already gained a lot of experience and we will help you.
Computer security
You are looking for an operating system for your computer that is not being spied on? You would like to switch to Linux, but you are not sure whether all the programs you need for your everyday life are available? No problem. We have already made the change and will be happy to help you set up and find alternative programs that meet your needs.
Do you want your login credentials not to be stolen or used again by hackers? We'll help you prevent that. But security and convenience are mutually exclusive. Everyone has to find the right compromise between security and convenience. We support you in this.
Would you like to do without the new blackmail trojans and would like to prevent a possible infestation with a data backup? Very good. We plan for you and are happy to help you with the selection, procurement and installation of hardware and software. A data backup is only as good as its planning - the more complex it is to create and check a data backup, the less often it is done. Only backups that function at least partially automatically are carried out regularly. We plan a partially or fully automatic backup of all important data for you.
Medical service
Do you need support in procuring and/or providing medication, changing bandages or similar medical tasks? We are happy to take care of that for you. We can also provide a shopping or beverage service. This is only a small part of our possibilities. We would be happy to make you an idividual offer.
House service
Are you leaving your holiday home because you want or need to go to your home country? Or would you like to rent out your holiday home/apartment? We look after your house, clean it when the occupancy changes (also with disinfection) or, if desired, also in between and take care of your pets and plants if necessary. On request, we can also carry out a major cleaning at the beginning or end of the season.