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All pictures shown here are scaled-down excerpts from our own photos. Apart from this cut, no processing of the pictures took place. If you are interested in one of the photos, please contact us. We would be happy to show you a higher resolution version.

Seagull Trying to escape or showing off? Definitely a good motive.
Pelican A pelican in Cyprus. He is used to people and came so close that you could touch him.
Man´s best friend Man´s best friend - the dog. In that case it´s our dog. Unfortunately he left us too early.
Dragonfly The dragonfly plays with the thermals over a black car. We play with the camera. Recorded in Greece.
Goose A wild goose, taken near Gelting. We actually wanted to see what eye color she has, but the zoom lens isn't that good.
Butterfly A local peacock butterfly at breakfast. Recorded in Thuringia.
Cat Portrait of a cat having an afternoon nap, taken on the island of Hydra.
Honey bee at work A honey bee at work - the pussy willow is the first food after winter.
Red kite A red kite after the hunt, taken in the wild. One of the first photos with a new camera and a new lens.
Stormy weather A storm is brewing in Malta. But it makes also fun to take photos in bad weather.
Stormy weather It all depends on the perspective
Decaying church When the weather is nice, you can of course also take photos. Here is a decaying church in Cyprus.
Play with light and shadow The play with light and shadow is fascinating - here with the frozen river in Bad Kötzting.
Mirror images Mirages and reflections - different angles lead to different views
Sun rise The early bird - seems to be still asleep. This picture was taken while driving on the motorway - stopping was not possible.
During flight Those who aim high can also take pictures of interesting things.
Reed The sun, the wind and some imagination
Sunset With a little luck and perseverance, you can also photograph clouds that are illuminated from below - a sunset, not a catastrophe ...
Full moon The almost full moon, taken with the Skywatcher in Greece.
Fireworks The turn of the year 2010/2011 in Thuringia
Fireworks The turn of the year 2010/2011 in Thuringia
Tables by the sea Tables and chairs by the sea
Café by the sea Invitation to relax
Promenade Missed departure, but photo was a success
All about weddings
Rings Self-portrait in the ring
Shoes Accessory for the photo album
Flowers A bridal bouquet and the rings
Family register Arrangement for the album
Bridal bouquet Bride after wedding