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We make Software

Are you looking for a software developer or a supervisor for one of your projects, for a web application or for the backend of your website? No problem - we'd be happy to do it for you. Our portfolio includes classic programming languages such as PHP, Pascal, C ++ and Java, but also script languages such as Shell and JavaScript. In the meantime, all development takes place under Linux.

What does a software developer do?

A software developer deals - as the name suggests - with software development. Software development or software technology is the general term for the development or production of software. This includes not only the classic programming but also the design of the necessary data structures, the creation of the documentation as well as the support and updating of the running software. In addition, the software development is divided into different phases:

  • Analysis of requirements
  • Design of data structures and design of the application
  • technical implementation (programming)
  • Test the software
  • Creation of the documentation
  • Delivery or roll-out of the software
  • Maintenance and updating

In common parlance, the software developer is generally only associated with the points "technical implementation / programming" and "testing the software". But as you can see above, this is only a small part of the work of a software developer.