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health care
September 2022
another update of profiles and services
May 2022
Update of the pages, profiles and services
February 2022
We had to move to a new server rather suddenly, as the previous provider no longer offered the package we had booked and we didn't like the upgrade. After three days offline, we are finally back...
April 2021
The site's stylesheets have been simplified while improving browser and device compatibility. In addition, the CMS has been fundamentally revised once again.
December 2020
We keep learning and the newly acquired knowledge naturally flows into the new design of the page. In addition, the design was adapted and the page structure was comprehensively revised.
November 2019
In the meantime, a separate offline CMS has been created and with this a complete redesign of the website takes place. It is also now available in English.
November 2017
Thomas is planning a new era as a freelance web designer and software developer. To do this, we register this domain and put a first page online. In the background, we educate ourselves and bring our knowledge back up to date.

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